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Nov 2, 2012 4:00pm EDT
. it was energy, technology, materials. the s&p 500 down 13.3 points. that was the leadership group. the market ending a shortened week. let's bring in our guests for their take on what went on. with us now, chip dixon, jeff cox, and rick santelli. nice to have you on the program. thanks for joining us. chip, let me begin with you. haven't see you in a little bit. we used to talk long ago when you were at a different firm. welcome back to cnbc. >> thank you. >> you are the director of research discern. what is your research telling you here about where we are in this market and in this cycle for the economy? >> well, it tell us that the housing sector is improving and the residential side. commercial permit activity, which we see, has gone up, it's kind of plateauing. it tells us we're dealing with a lot of uncertainty out there. there's a tremendous amount of pent-up capacity in corporate america if we can just get the right fiscal policies in place. this economy could do well. >> do you think things loosen up after the election when we know who the president will be? >> i think it
Nov 1, 2012 4:00pm EDT
causing a gasoline crisis in new york and new jersey. i'll be talking with an energy specialist about what's behind the long lining and when we may finally be able to fill up our tanks again. back in a moment. >>> welcome back. starbucks reporting earnings just moments ago. the company reporting eps results of 46 cents a share. that was a penny above expectations. revenue at $3.36 billion, which was slightly lower than the $3.8 billion analysts were looking for. we find out how they got there and what to expect in the month ahead right now with the boss joining me now from a seattle starbucks location. it's the company chairman and ceo howard schultz. good to have you on the program. welcome back. >> thank you, maria. how are you? >> you raised your dividend. you raised your guidance. characterize the quarter for us. >> as you can see, we had a record quarter, record year, highlighted by the u.s. business at 7% comps, 10% comps in asia. we're starting to see a slight improvement -- i don't want to overstate that -- in western europe and our cpg business grew over 15% for the year. so
Oct 31, 2012 4:00pm EDT
and the energy market moves, gasoline on the move today. how was business after the two-day shutdown? >> it was a little choppy today. we saw unleaded gas rally strongly this morning. i think people are keeping an eye on what happens with the bayway refinery in new jersey. the news initially was it won't get started back up for the next week or two and there was some hope it might start up sooner and the markets hailed off towards the end of the day. >> the bottom line is people cannot get gasoline all over new jersey, right? i was talking to someone earlier who was saying that the gas guys in one station they were taking advantage and changing the price all over the place. what is this doing to the market? >> well the real problem in new jersey is that there's no electricity so the gas pumps, they could have all the gasoline in the world in the tanks but if they can't get it out of the ground it's not doing anybody any good. it's really a big mess out there. they need utilities to combine with the locals to turn off electricity to clear the trees out of the streets and first get eve
Oct 29, 2012 4:00pm EDT
national guard who have been called up. they in so many ways provide the energy, the muscle, if you will, to do many of these operations. they put themselves in harm's way. we thanked them very much. this storm is basically as expected thus far. we said it was going to be a lot of wind and rain. that's what they forecast and that's exactly what we've gotten and more. sandy's fury is still going to come this evening. originally it was supposed to be about 8:00. that has now been moved up and could be as early as 6:00. where we're we'll start to feel the full impact of high tide. that gives people a short window. people have not yet evacuated. they should have already, in my opinion, but that's a -- it's a very short window until we really feel the full impact of sandy's fury. this is probably the last warning that we're going to be able to give people about getting themselves to a safe place before that coastal surge really hits. of the national guard, the 1,000 that are going to be deployed today, the majority of those national guard will be deployed on long island. as the issue bec
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4